​​​We are currently picking up from

the following schools:

Elementary Schools:

(avail spots as of 7/21/22)
Round Lake,  
Mount Dora Christian 

Sorrento, Treadway, Tavares 
Liberty, Umatilla 

Possible addition: 

Triangle, Eustis Heights

Middle School

Eustis Middle 

Pinecrest Middle


We are excited to be able to pour into our students through marital arts!    Throughout the program the students have an opportunity for peer mentoring, and martial art training.   The students have achieved improved ratings from the teachers and their parents.

The Top health benefits for children involved in martial arts is:

1) It helps you lead a healthy lifestyle.
2) It gives you increased self-confidence.
3) Improved health with weight loss 
4) It improves focus and stillness.
5) It teaches great morals and values.
6) It improves your athleticism.

7) Improves communication skills

​8) Improved Motor- Skills

9) Improved Coordination

​10) Achieving attainable goals