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Coach David and Mrs. Annie were all the kids could talk about! They lived jujitsu! We have three children, two girls and a boy 7,8,and 9. Although we had just joined the gym, it felt like family instantly! The hunger my kids had to learn and the passion for the sport David and Annie had was the perfect combination! David pushed the kids to train and give 110% while Annie would motivate them! The classes were always full of kids to train with and the opportunity to learn was always given. Whenever the kids would ask a question, David's face would light up in joy to answer it! Because of his knowledge, there would be days we would be at the gym for hours talking, training BJJ. I will always be thankful of the diversity They brought to my children's fight. They run a children's program full of love, dedication, and spirit. I will always be thankful for the family gained there and will revisit at every given chance. The family at this gym will never be forgotten. Bittersweetly, we've had to leave but the kids are still training and we frequently are in touch with David and Annie.

Those two have such a dedication towards children. They are willing to give the Gi off their back to teach. We have been very blessed to know them.

With sincerity, Delilah Deoliveira 

Mount Dora BJJ Academy did awesome job today. Jaydens first time out and only training for about a month .He took 2 second place and one third. Stephen took 1 first place and one second. The school is new but we have great coaches,I am sure as they grow they will be unstoppable.  Anyone who wants to train,should check out their school.Men,women,and great with the kids

Brenda Wilson 

Coach Dave and Annie are dedicating towards teaching, inspiring and mentoring kids! My kids rave about them all the time! They have become like family! They run a BJJ program with warmth and whole heartiness! I would recommend training with them!

S Brinkley, AR

I googled Bjj schools near me and Mount Dora Bjj Academy was the first one to pop up. I walked in and tried out a couple classes and am never looking back. Everyone at class is there to help you and no one is there to hurt of bully you. Its one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dave is a top notch teacher, coach, and friend.

Cody Cole 

I had the pleasure of stopping by Mt. Dora BJJ on my vacation during the summer in Florida. It is a family run Jiujitsu/MMA school with a lineage to World Champion Cyborg Abreu. Everyone is very warm and friendly with tough training. Coach Dave has a very nice way about him that would make anyone feel comfortable. The new facility can accommodate any kind of training you are looking for and the students are high level which is a testament to the training an teaching. You will EARN your belt here. All in all I had a tremendous experience here and will definitely be back. If you are ever in or around Mount Dora I would highly recommend you check these guys (and girls!) out :)

Chris Civello 

Just wanted to say what a GREAT experience I have had at the Mount Dora Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy. Whether you are looking for great Martial Arts instruction or just a great workout, Coach Dave can get you all set up! And it is a great family environment as well. My girls got to train a little and are excited about going back and learning BJJ as well. I can't say enough about Coach Dave and the school at Mount Dora BJJ Academy, you just have to go check it out for yourself! Blessings!

Jonathan Pearson "JP"

If you are looking for a great BJJ Academy that is family-oriented, with awesome instructors who truly care about you, then look no further! I first heard about Mount Dora BJJ Academy through my dad and younger brother. They both attended one class and came back convinced that I should give it a try as well. I was extremely hesitant and almost didn't go. However I decided to give it a try and I do not regret this decision at all. It is evident that Coach David and Annie want to see everyone succeed. They make it their own goal to help each student reach whatever personal goal they have set for themselves. Amazing academy, wonderful atmosphere, and good people! I would not think twice about recommending Mount Dora BJJ Academy to anyone who asks!

Alex Orta

Mount Dora BJJ
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We are the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training Academy  located in the Golden Triangle area of Lake County, FL.  Inside our academy you will find over 9000 sq feet of the highest level of training by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu First Degree Black Belt David Iturrino, and equipment to fit your needs.

5000 Square feet of OPEN MAT area, MMA Cage, Separate Bag area!

 We have a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

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Come test the waters of Cardio Kickboxing!  Build up your endurance while learning Kick boxing!

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Our women's only classes are taught BJJ Brown Belt Annie Iturrino . . .. 

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Come train with an instructor that has been there, and spent time in the ring and cage from both the fighter and coaching state of mind!


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We offer classes for all ages, men women and children! The classes are both in Gi, and Nogi!