Brigadeiro Mount Dora Jiu Jitsu


Newbreed Jacksonville ~ Jan 2018 - 1st Place Kids

Newbreed Jacksonville ~ Nov 2017 - 1st Place Kids

Newbreed Jacksonville ~ Oct 2017 - 1st Place Adult

​Newbreed Jacksonville ~ July 2016 - 2nd Place Youth

​Newbreed Jacksonville ~ July 2016 - 2nd Place Adults

Newbreed Tampa - Florida Open Aug 2016 - 2nd Place Adults

Newbreed Orlando - Nov 2016 - 1st Place Youth

Newbreed Orlando - Nov 2016 - 2nd Place Adults

​Competition Team

Mount Dora BJJ Academy loves to challenge their skills at the tournaments!   Over the years, we have competed in NAGA, COPA, More recently IBJJF, and Newbreed!

We are extremely proud of our team members for the work they put into each tournament!


Team Results -